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Simon Rēksnys was a special child. He started reading when he was just two. And at the age of four, he already knew all the capitals of the world. It is not surprising that from the first class he was offered to jump directly to the fourth: it was decided that there would be nothing to do in the lower ones.

Now 44-year-old Simonas Rēksnys works as a lawyer, knows at least 15 foreign languages, dials phone numbers from memory. - Simon, what are your extraordinary abilities? - Inheritance, I would say. Dad, a physicist, defended his thesis, comes from a very educated Chibir family. Povilas Čibiras was a professor, long-time head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, head of an infectious disease hospital, author of the first Lithuanian textbook on infectious diseases.

Mom ate a lot of fish when she was pregnant. Now reading about the latest research, I learned that phosphorus in fish has a very positive effect on fetal brain development. These are hereditary factors. - When you realize that your abilities are different from their peers? - Maybe when I went to the first grade at the age of seven and the school leaders invited me to go straight to the fourth, if you pass five exams. Back then, there was still a five-point system, all exams had to be passed with at least four points. And I succeeded. I remember taking dictation, tests and math. I was immediately transferred to the fourth grade. "You probably never left second year?" - No, I have not been. (Laughs.) I graduated with good grades.

I currently specialize in:
1. International private law
2. International litigation and criminal law
3. Migration and refugees
4. Development of tourism
5. Law on NGOs and Charities

My clients are foreign companies, having interests in Lithuania. Also Lithuanian companies that have interests abroad. - In this case, it is very useful to know several foreign languages. What languages can you speak easily? – Lithuanian, Russian, English, Polish, German, Italian, French, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic. Learning languages is my hobby, which corresponds to my work. For example, during my studies, I accompanied tourist groups and excursions for Italian tourists. Of course, it helped to improve the language. Once there was an order: to drive from Vilnius to Tallinn with one client and a driver for two weeks and to communicate constantly during the trip. You need to be in the country you will be visiting to gain practical memory knowledge.

Now as a lawyer, representing a Japanese company. Perhaps the hardest part is reading Japanese? - I'm still learning Japanese. There are two thousand hieroglyphs and learning them can damage your eyes. So, many Japanese people walk around with glasses.😀

LawFirm.Limited provides high-level legal services to Lithuanian and international clients. Since 2000, we have been working in a law firm in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. We follow very closely all trends in the development of our profession in Europe. We also have lawyers representing us in Klaipėda, our Lithuanian seaport, and Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania.

Client Consulting in Many Legal Areas The main principle of the law firm is to advise clients in many areas of law. We have made it a priority so that our clients do not have to think about where to find the right person to solve their problems - our clients know that lawyers are always ready to help them.

Representation of Clients in Court Litigation is a natural part of modern society and everyone has a constitutional right to defend their interests in court. The court system is a set of highly formalized procedures that require appropriate skills and experience. The quality of lawyers is particularly important, because its lack can lead to a negative outcome of a dispute in court. The law firm has extensive experience in representing clients' interests in civil, criminal and administrative cases of courts of all instances.

Preparation of contracts and other legal documents Most legal disputes are related to contractual relations in one way or another. Therefore, it is necessary that the contracts are drafted in such a way that the rights and obligations of the parties are properly defined and all applicable legal acts are taken into account. In order to reach an optimal solution and avoid possible legal disputes in the future, it is necessary to use the services of a lawyer when drafting contracts or other legal documents. The law firm has extensive experience in drafting all types of legal documents, from simple petitions to government agencies to complex contracts.

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