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I am 45 years old and I had read all the physics books until the 9th grade, even Russian volumes, and I knew how to make a thermonuclear bomb 🙂 The truth is, I didn't like anyone else. When I studied electrical engineering, I went directly to the second year and did not go to classes, I found a company where I got a job installing car alarms. And I prepared exam tasks for my classmates myself. I took first place in competitions.


Then, after school, I found investors and started installing room security, fire protection, access control and video surveillance systems in Kaunas. I hacked the catalog of Lithuanian companies and automatically faxed offers to all companies in Kaunas, so that there was no shortage of customers. But there were also strange orders, e.g. secret video cameras in the rooms so that husbands can watch what their wives are doing at home, a video chat screen instead of the door peephole so that no one can shoot at the Doctor 🙂 My clients were the Žalgiris club, the Kaunas territorial customs, the Georgian embassy, etc. I registered in 1996. PRO.LT portal.


Then I moved to Vilnius and focused on business management and marketing automation systems. Because it was very useful to me, it seemed more progressive to me and I noticed a lack of it in practically every company. I used to make all the company's customer contacts, phone conversations, e-mail correspondence, signed contracts, etc. visible to managers, with permission to employees at the same level. I installed, customized and developed it on Microsoft Office, Exchange, Visual Basic, GoldMine. I created a data automation system for a market research company, a program for accounting books, work, accounts.


I had even created for Gedimin Žiemelius the first online database of unreliable persons in Lithuania with the beta version of Microsoft .NET. I set up the servers at my house in Vilnius, connected the backup power supply and 2 internet cables. It was a functional and beautiful, almost Facebook-level application that was used by all banks and other financial institutions. I uploaded a lot of data from Sodra, the Department of Statistics and other institutions, and employees and customers recorded data there.


Now I have a broken leg, so I work from home and provide e-Business services. With PHP, I will create: IP TV portals, real estate agency portals, various e-shops, etc. In addition, I have databases of contacts of companies from all over the world, there are 6,000,000 contacts in Poland alone! I can make any small business international in no time. Safely. And every day I spend 2 hours interested in the latest technologies.

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