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Google Ads Advertising

We advertise with Google Ads when you pay only for clicks from customers who are interested in your services or goods. This is a great advertising channel for a good start of a business, because 98% Lithuanian users search for goods or services in the Google search engine, 70% chooses from the first 5 results. Based on the keywords you choose, Google search shows your ads and those of your competitors. The biggest winners here are those who choose keywords more wisely for their ad description, and the clear result depends on the size of the budget for each click when visitors are directed to your website. Therefore, the preparation of Google Ads online advertising is a very important and carefully planned process.


  • Based on your business model, we conduct internet market research and competitor analysis on Google search
  • Find out how your potential customers are looking for your services or products in search engines
  • What search queries are used and the exact number of these queries in the markets of the countries that are relevant to you
  • We analyze specific words, phrases, and phrases that make it easy for customers to find them on Google search
  • We choose the most relevant keywords to help you outperform your competitors in Google search
  • We introduce a direct call button from mobile, different ads for individual services and goods
  • We choose the region, time, language, and other settings that will trigger your ad
  • You set your maximum monthly budget, and we make sure you get the best results possible
  • We create a fully optimized Google Ads advertising company and place your ads on Google search
  • We do YouTube advertising, advertising on the Google Network, remarketing, promotion
  • We analyze your Google Ads Campaign Performance statistics and send you a monthly report
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