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We integrate a Facebook social account with your business website, attracting traffic from your target audience. Recently, social networks, especially Facebook, have become one of the main advertising platforms. This is one of the most effective ways to attract a wider range of customers and increase the awareness of your business. By staying in touch with your company's Facebook account followers, you will ensure their loyalty and the opportunity to become your customers. Want to become famous and noticeable? The best way to do this is on the social network Facebook, which unites more than 1 million Lithuanians, with an effective advertising campaign. Impressive Facebook advertising results are guaranteed to surprise you. Because your brand will become much better known, in addition, you will get more visitors and sales.

List of services
  • We create a professional business page design for the social network Facebook for your company
  • We prepare textual and visual content, periodic or automatic uploads to Facebook
  • We analyze and select the target audience for which your company's business is intended
  • We identify and implement effective measures needed to reach your target audience
  • We administer a Facebook advertising company, according to the budget set by your company
  • We stay in touch with Facebook account followers, ensuring their loyalty and the opportunity to become your customers
  • We install a Facebook robot with artificial intelligence that automatically communicates with visitors
  • We analyze the company's effectiveness and thus determine the most appropriate advertising methods
  • We provide clear reports on the results achieved and future strategic plans
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